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Applies to all activities and guidelines for operations performed by the Floor hand. The Floor hand is primarily responsible for performing various manual labour tasks throughout the rig site, including: rig up and down activities, general equipment repairs and maintenance on rig components, conduct assigned activities on the rig floor, assist the Derrickman with mud-mixing duties, and other various duties. The Floor hand is responsible for performing these duties in a safe and efficient manner under the direct supervision of the driller or the assistant driller. This job description shall be reviewed as needed.


A valid Driver's License is required, and must have reliable vehicle for transportation to and from the rig locations.

Must be able to read, write and speak English.

Previous physical labour experience required or as deemed sufficient by Management.

High school education or equivalent is preferred but not required.

Must be able to lift, move or carry up to 100 pounds. Regularly required to walk and climb stairs up to 30' high.

NOTE: Police Clearance Certificate, 2 Passport size photos, Photo ID and Passport, 2 References together with all accomplish certificates of your craft when applying.


Performs rig up, down, and operating activities for 12-16 hours per day, for 7-20 consecutive days. This includes the operating of the tongs, slips and spinner hawk to connect and disconnect drilling pipe, tubular and drilling bits or tools, and checking hoist lines and ropes for SALA blocks.

Performs “nippling up or nippling down” of the blowout preventer system. This includes the monitoring and operation of the shakers.

Assist the Derrickman with mud-mixing duties. This includes assisting within the mud pit, mud pump and chemical sack.

Performs general repairs and maintenance on major and minor rig components.

Responsible for housekeeping activities on the drilling rig which includes at a minimum washing, chipping and painting.

Performs emergency procedures as needed. Other tasks may be assigned as needed.

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United Consistency Energy Services Guyana Incorporated


United Consistency Energy Services Guyana Inc. (UCESG Inc.) is a labor, logistics and service provider supply company providing services to the oil and gas industry and our stakeholders. Incorporated 13th July 2023, the organization is geared towards providing exceptional, quality service to our clients both locally and internationally, ensuring that we meet and exceed their expectations. UCESG Inc. provides a wealth of experienced and qualified personnel, from United Consistency Energy Services Trinidad and Tobago (est. 11th March 2019), to affect a knowledge and skills transfer as we work closely with the citizens of Guyana and our stakeholder locally and internationally to build a nation together.

VISION STATEMENT U.C.E.S.G Inc is committed to being the preferred labor, logistics and service provider and employer in the energy sector locally and internationally.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional service through our superior training standards and continuous development of our employees by creating an inclusive developmental environment for our employees and stakeholders, we will engage all stakeholders for progress towards achieving a common goal viz., “Building a Nation Together".

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