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Handles the learning and professional development of an organization’s workforce by identifying training and development needs within an organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers and human resources departments.



·       Degree in related field

·       Certified trainer

·       Fully competent in Microsoft Office.(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook,)

·       Previous experience with a similar company would be an asset


·       Atleast 3 years in a similar job role or function


·       Good communicator, able to present with credibility and authority


·       Develop, implement, and monitor training programs within an organization.

·       Conduct orientation sessions.

·       Create brochures and training materials.

·       Develop multimedia visual aids and presentations.

·       Create testing and evaluation proceses.

·       Prepare and implement training budget.

·       Evaluate needs of company and plan training programs accordingly.

·       Conduct performance evaluations.

·       Provide employees with classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, meetings, and workshops.

·       Provide regular performance & training feedback to management.

·       Conduct continuing education training.

·       Plan the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed within authorized budgets.

·       Deliver training

·       Ensuring that statutory training requirements are met

·       Helping line managers and trainers solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups

·       Keeping up to date with developments in training by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending relevant courses;

·       Having an understanding of e-learning techniques, and where relevant, being involved in the creation and/or delivery of e-learning packages;

·       Researching new technologies and methodologies in workplace learning and presenting this research.

·       Amending and revising programs as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment

·       Ensure that you are accredited as a trainer by the relevant authority

·       Create and update the Training Plan according the basic requirements of the Company, the needs detected during the audits, or the legal requirements

·       Actively participate in internal as well as external audits;

·       To observe all safety rules and procedures.

·       To ensure that all equipment and materials are not left in dangerous state.

·       To ensure all HSE rules & procedures are followed and hazards/near miss and accidents are properly reported.

·       To raise any work-safety hazard when participating in HSE meetings or Risk Assessment.

·       Any other reasonable task that may be required by management

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