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  • Complete daily merchandiser's report sheets and submit them to your manager in a timely fashion.

  • Participate in display competitions and incentive programs conducted throughout the year.

  • Long time in and out in the merchandising logbooks in stores.

  • Perform other duties that are required to enhance the operations of the company.


  • A minimum of three (3) CXC passes, which must be inclusive of Mathematics and English

  • Prior Experience in a similar environment would be an asset.


  • Visit assigned outlets to pack and replenish BPI products according to planogram and route listing.

  • Maintain the company's products and brands in the best location to ensure visibility, consumer traffic flow, and convenience.

  • Rotate stock regularly on shelves to ensure product expiration issues are minimized or eliminated.

  • Submit a request for credit slips to the sales representative/ Manager within two (2) days of receipt from the customer.

  • Use and secure pop material effectively and efficiently visible to the public.

  • Good Housekeeping to ensure the selling spaces for products are clean and tidy; this includes re-papering shelves with corresponding brand shelf paper.

  • Report stockouts to the sales manager and sales representative and follow up on orders.

  • Ensure correct retail pricing on shelves.

  • Assist the Sales Representative as necessary in items of placing supplementary orders, ensuring expiring goods are noted and liquidated.

  • Support the promotion of the company's brands through continuous updating of product knowledge.

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BPI Guyana Inc.


BPI Guyana Inc. has through perseverance and an undying passion for excellence, established itself as Guyana’s distributor of choice for internationally coveted brands.

BPI Guyana Inc. is wholly focused on the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in Food & Grocery, Hardware & Home and Pharmaceuticals products; ably supported by comprehensive strong organizational structures as well as employees with extensive product knowledge and experience.


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