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The Crane Operator is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and general maintenance of the various cranes located on the drilling rig. He supports the drilling operation by moving equipment, personnel from work boats to rig.


Offshore COC.

Seaman Book.

Basic Safety Training.

Sea Services Certificate.

T- BOSIET (if present)

Minimum 2 years of offshore experience.

NOTE: Police Clearance Certificate, 2 Passport Size Photos, Photo ID and Passport, 2 References, together with all accomplish certificates of your craft when applying.


Operate the main and deck cranes within the designed (SWL) loads in accordance with the de-rating tables applicable to existing weather and sea state condition.

Drive the assigned crane.

Ensure that the safe work procedures for crane lifts are adhered to.

Check the status of the machine in general, the mechanical conditions, the certifications and the instrumentations of the ables.

Check before every lifting that the weights are in the capacity limits of the crane and that will be present all the conditions to implement the lifting (correct rigging, acceptable weather conditions, lofty area free of people).

Reporting any malfunction immediately.

Liaise with bridge and 1st Assistant Superintendent /Deck Foreman when making any lift that could affect the vessel stability.

Ensure that only marked, certified and suitable lifting appliances are used and available for use for lifting purposes.

Make daily inspection of crane cable and condition.

Maintain the cranes on a daily basis cleaning action including operator cabin.

Liaise with 1st Assistant Engineer/Chief Electrical on crane maintenance and performance in order to ensure that repairs and preventive maintenance are carried out properly.

Inspect weekly the cranes in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Fill up the crane logbook as required for all lifts over 50tons.

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